Refocus – Dump Distractions

Hello everyone!

So it’s finally time to start Refocus and I am so excited! I want to look at why we sometimes lose sight of our faith and the things we can do to restore it.

The first thing I want to talk about is other distractions! Many people go to school, work, play sports, are involved in other extracurricular activities, are involved in different ministries or are busy hanging out with friends and family! These are only a few things that we do in our lives not to mention the other billion tasks that seem to take up our day.

However, are these things constantly on your mind? During finals at school, I lived, breathed and ate studying! I could not be spoken too because I just started vomiting out facts! I lost focus of God in the storm that my life had become.

What to do?


You may be thinking to yourself: “Does that mean I should quit school, or work and stop hanging out with people and live like a hermit alone in the wilderness?” No my friends, it doesn’t!

It simply means this:

Make time for God and when you’re hanging out with Him dump all other distractions!

Don’t you hate it when you haven’t seen your friend in a RRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYY long time and they’re on their phone texting someone else the whole time instead of spending time with you?? Imagine for a moment how God, the infinitely powerful being who created us, must feel!

I find music is the easiest way for me to empty my mind, specifically worship music! I give all the glory to God and as I sing and concentrate on the words, God comes back into focus! Instead of worrying, or whining, or hurting, or asking, I’m simply being with God. Clear your mind of all other thoughts and just spend time with Him!

I use music; others may go running, or do deep breathing exercises, or read His word or any other number of things! But find the thing that allows you to clear your mind and simply be with God, and refocus on Him.


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