Refocus – Digital Detox

At a meeting on Saturday our meditation spoke of distractions that keep us from focusing on God. So when I heard the term “Digital Detox”, I was inspired to write this next installment of Refocus on the digital distractions in our lives.

Quick Recap: 

  1. Dump Distractions: when you spend time with God, your ENTIRE focus should solely be on Him. 
  2. Pray Profusely: pray all the time, with humble hearts because it is how we communicate with God.
  3. Godly Goals: sometimes we place our focus on godly things but our focus is not on God; take time to work on your personal relationship with God.

And… back to this week!

We live in a very technological/digital world. We have small devices where we can call others, message others, Google search, find a map to guide us and about a million other small things can all be found at our fingertips! But sadly, we also live in a world where:

This has become the norm…

Couple TextingImage source:

Instead of this…


Image source:

I have THREE questions and challenges for you to think about,

Question 1: What is the first thing you look at when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep?

The common answer: our phones. But when we really think about it, can we really expect to hear God and live by His word if we do not begin and end our day with Him? If He is not a constant part of our daily lives?

Question 2: Would you survive one day, 24 hours, without your cellphone?

For some of us, the answer may be no. And although we may occasionally have legitimate and good reasons such as work reasons, waiting for a call from a friend or family member, etc… A cellphone is not one of the five essential nutrients that we would expire without.

Question 3: What are you posting online and what does it say about you?

The digital world is not only composed of the devices we use but also what we do with them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc… all these social media sites are a window into the person we are. What we post or re-post says a lot about us not only to our friends and family but also to anyone who stumbles upon our internet profile.

Challenge 1: I challenge you to look at God’s word first when you wake up and before you go to sleep.

Challenge 2: I challenge you to turn off everything with a screen for 24 hours (you’ll be asleep for approximately 6 of those hours so that leaves you with only 18 😉 ).

Challenge 3: I challenge you to go through a Digital Detox and take a closer look at what it is you are posting online and what it is saying about you. Does your internet profile reflect that of a disciple and representative of Christ?

We are still in the midst of Lent, it is not too late to think about going through a Digital Detox and giving up or cleaning up your internet profile and digital world.